Meet Lauren: Inspirational HR Director of Primetime Business Solutions

In late October, our team had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Fernandez, HR Director of Primetime Business Solutions. Primetime Business Solutions is a motivated marketing and sales firm recently relocated to Tampa, FL. Lauren Fernandez has been here since the beginning and remembers each day with fondness.

Fernandez was born in Virginia but grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. She remembers her childhood positively and became an athlete at a young age. Fernandez was involved in competitive ballet and martial arts, pushing her to be outgoing and dedicated. “I learned a lot about self-discipline and having a competitive edge,” says Fernandez, “I definitely see that coming up in my career each day.”

Fernandez went on to study health and fitness before starting with Primetime Business Solutions, citing a desire to help people in life. After getting married and starting her career in Florida, Fernandez was promoted out and started with Primetime Business Solutions on day 1. “We opened our doors before Memorial Day of 2016,” says Fernandez, “I started immediately in a recruitment position. I loved being able to see people start and watching their development. I met people on their day 1 and have watched them become managers and business owners themselves.”

Of her opinion on the office culture, is anything but unbiased, but the success speaks for itself. “As Co-Owner, of course, I’d say we are the best company ever,” jokes Fernandez, “but in truth, we value the team environment and the sense of people helping people. Everyone is concerned about everyone else’s development, and it is a very positive environment.”

As the HR Director and Co-Owner, Fernandez takes the responsibility of office motivation with pride. “Our unofficial motto is that we are hungry, humble, and honest,” says Fernandez, “we try to promote that through our everyday business.” This mission statement has sewn itself into the culture at Primetime Business Solutions and can be seen through the attitudes of every team member. When recruiting, Fernandez knows what to look for to strengthen the team. “I search for someone with a student mentality,” says Fernandez, “I need someone who is willing to go all in.”

Fernandez’s advice for potential candidates and interviewees is as follows, “be yourself, be comfortable and open, and have a good time.”

While Fernandez stands as a motivator and leader in the Primetime office, she feels that the company has given her just as much. “I’ve learned how to read people, and understand how people think and react,” says Fernandez, “it is truly fascinating.”

As for her goals for the future, they are simple and clear. “We want to grow as fast as possible,” says the businesswoman.

From all of us here at Primetime Business Solutions, we are thankful for you Lauren, our fearless leader.


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