Congrats David, Primetime Business Solution’s Newest Assistant Manager

Years of preparation have led David Sollars to this promotion – Primetime Business Solution’s newest Assistant Manager! As an up & coming member of our organization’s Executive Team, we felt it was only right to offer our readers a sneak peek into the life of David (after all, you might just see him conducting an interview or campaign meeting in his new role)!

David, tell us about your upbringing and how you ended up in Raleigh!

Ok! As a military child, I moved around a lot. I was born in Kansas City, raised in Alaska, spent some time in New York, and ended up in Florida. With my dad’s example in the Air Force, I learned to appreciate diversity, to love being the new person in town, and to create a new me in each city! While in New York I was picked up by a scout who normally recruits for Victoria Secret and entered the modeling world. That industry brought me to Miami where I was signed by an agency, and then to Jacksonville! It was an absolute blast and provided me a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How did you get started in sales?!

Moving around helped me get really good at communicating with people, so when I moved out of modeling, I knew I wanted to work with people. I started working as a contractor with Sprint and ended up overseeing my own marketing office outsourced to do their sales. For 3 1/2 years, I had the pleasure of working with some great people, made some great memories, and gained some great sales and leadership experience.

When I realized I wanted to work with a new client, I sought employment with DirecTv and there met Primetime Business Solution’s now CEO, Christopher Fernandez. A few weeks working with Chris in Jacksonville led way to a new opportunity in Raleigh, and I jumped at it!

2 years later, what’s your experience been like at Primetime Business Solutions?

Life-changing. Honestly, I’ve grown so much. As a leader, I’m more patient and understanding. I’ve grown to love public speaking and learned how to motivate an entire group of people. I learned how to enjoy the process and remove the need for immediate gratification. Most importantly, I learned how to be solid in any situation for people depending on me. Overall, I believe I’m a better businessman because of my Management Training at Primetime Business Solutions.

What are your personal and professional goals?

Professionally, I look to help develop 2 more Assistant managers in the company by December 2018 and help our client expand their market share further into Raleigh. I’ve worked with my cousin, both in Jacksonville and here at Primetime Business Solutions, so I look to aid in his development until we’re both in management positions.

Personally, I want to give back to my parents and buy land for both of us right next to each other. I have 7 siblings, so whatever I can do to put myself in a great situation for them, I’ll do! Oh, and I also want to go to Italy twice in my life – once for my honeymoon and again when I’m 80.

What do you do when you’re not at work?!

When I’m not at work I’m probably with my girlfriend, Brittany, watching movies, anime, or eating pizza – I can never have enough pizza. I’m really fortunate to be surrounded by such positive, motivating people both inside and outside of work, which has helped me extensively in my Management Traning.

David – we always knew this promotion would come and are so glad to celebrate this milestone in your career with you! Thank you for being the ultimate addition to our team and for setting the standard of excellence so high. Next stop, management!


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