Rocking Out Recruiting: Lance’s Story

Our team is growing rapidly here at Primetime Business Solutions and spearheading that growth is one of the newest additions to our work family, Lance Carrier. A Raleigh native, Lance has truly taken to his new role as a Human Resources Recruiter and already contributed to our organization’s growth into Knoxville, TN in his 5 months with the company.

Born in Bristol, TN, Lance and family spent a few years in Tennessee and Savannah, GA before settling in Raleigh when he was 9. A creative, wild, and free-spirit child, Lance recalls being extremely social and active his entire childhood, spending his free time outdoors or with a ball. As a baseball, basketball, and soccer player, Lance made friends easily and was even known as the class clown.

After high school, Lance and one of his oldest friends started a pop/punk band named Days In May and had the pleasure of pursuing his love of music for 9 years, including a few years of touring and playing across North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Learning the ins & outs of running a successful band was a bit like learning how to run a business, and once his musical career ended, Lance decided to make the switch to the business. His first career was in car sales and for 2 1/12 years taught him advanced communication and negotiation skills. His professional development brought him to look for a new career, this time landing him in the logistics field. Having his first introduction to recruitment there, Lance decided that his next career move would be to pursue a career in human resources.

An online search brought Lance to Primetime Business Solutions and the rest was history from there. Clicking immediately with our CEO, Chris Fernandez, who was also a member of a touring band, Lance was a natural for our outgoing, sociable team. His last 5 months with the organization have been nothing short of impressive, something Lance credits to the leadership that oversees Primetime Business Solutions.

A fan of the easy-going environment, the autonomy of his work, and the open door policy of the executive team, Lance sees himself with Primetime Business Solutions for many years to come, helping us grow to 10 markets by 2020. When asked what advice he had for new people exploring a career with the company, Lance says “Be sure to be patient with yourself and your growth. Not everything happens overnight and you can’t expect it to. Learn the processes and put in the time. It will pay off.”

Outside of work Lance enjoys spending time with his wife, Emilee, hanging out with friends, cheering on his Vols, Celtics, Bruins, Pats, and Red Sox, and watching Arrow and The Flash! Summarizing his life interests into sports, comic book characters, and music, Lance is rockin’ out at life and work. We couldn’t be more proud to have his talent in our company. Thanks for turning up the bass at work, Lance!



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