Winning Like Watson 🏅

We love recognizing hard work here at Primetime Business Solutions. With a team as talented as ours, it’s only natural to want to brag about them, right?! Okay, good – we thought so!

Meet Nicholas Watson, top Corporate Trainer here at Primetime Business Solutions and up & coming Assistant Manager. With close to 2 1/2 years experience under his belt with the company, we wanted to sit down and interview the man of the hour on another quarter of great sales and leadership performance!

Watson, tell us about where this winner’s mentality started! 

Well, my mom was in the Army, so I grew up in an environment of structure and organization. In the Army, the motto is “be all that you can be,” so that became a guiding statement for me as a child and young adult. Despite moving every 2-3 years, I knew that I had to make it happen no matter where I went. Moving made me really good at making friends, being sociable with anyone on the drop of a dime, and adjusting to obstacles thrown my way. I started wrestling my 8th-grade year and continued forth throughout my freshman year at NC State!

How did college help shape you for the workforce?

As an athlete and then student at NC State, I was shaped for 4 years, much like being an Army child, to put my best foot forward with every project I touched. Choosing a Parks/Recreation & Tourism degree, I had the opportunity to strengthen my hospitality skills and challenge myself in a new field.

Describe first starting with Primetime Business Solutions in 2015!

Well, Primetime was still really new and in her formative months but even then taught me more about professionalism and professional etiquette than I had ever learned in college. From the most basic learning how to tie a tie, to leading campaign meetings for 20+ people, I grew exponentially and have continued to grow the last 2 1/2 years.

How do you describe the culture at Primetime?

Easy – work hard, play hard. We’re all energetic, competitive, and drive, so that makes for an ambitious atmosphere that our managers reward with travel, concerts, custom-fit suits and more.

What advice do you have for someone just starting with the company? 

Have an open mindset and come in every day ready to learn. If you start in the company’s Management Program thinking you already have it all figured out, it won’t work out well for you. I envision my training like I’m still at school and that humility keeps me grounded and hungry to learn more.

What are your goals working with Primetime Business Solutions?

I plan to help the company continue to be a pace-setter for our client, topping their top 5 list every month for sales/new customer acquisitions. I also plan to continue helping the management team provide an inclusive environment that promotes camaraderie and self-development. I, myself, will move into Assistant Management by summertime and helping the client and company expand into a new market by January 2019!

Lastly, what do you do for fun when you’re not working?!

Easy! I’m spending time with my beautiful daughter, Vanessa, who just turned 6 months, watching an NC State or Redskins game (Go WolfPack), catching up on The Flash or Green Arrow, and trying to work out and keep physically fit!

Watson, we’re incredibly proud to have your talent and energy in our company and extremely excited to see what all is in store for you at Primetime Business Solutions. Keep up the tremendous work and congratulations on being April’s featured team member!


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