Meet Primetime Business Solution’s Newest Manager, Logan

Though anyone is capable of achieving a management position within our company, it takes a remarkably special person to do so. This person must have an Olympic-like work ethic, a resiliency capable of overcoming any obstacle, the humility of a life-long student, and the mindset of an entrepreneur; always working for the bigger picture. This person would need to have a lot of the same attributes as the newest Manager of Primetime Business Solutions, Logan.

Born outside of Jacksonville in Orange Park, FL, Logan grew up in a single-parent household, idolizing his mother and her parents. A precocious child, Logan had what many call “the gift of gab!” Often getting in trouble in class for talking too much (pretty fitting how he ended up in sales & communications, haha), Logan was as sociable and likable as they come.

His natural people skills also translated to athletics, and Logan found himself constantly as a kid on a baseball field or at the race track. When his family moved several times before high school, he used his love for people and sports to break the ice wherever he went. Playing positions from catcher and pitcher to shortstop, Logan quickly matured as a baseball player and young adult.

He found his niche in wrestling, though, a sport that allowed him to focus on technique and discipline. From 7th-12th grade, Logan invested practically every minute of his spare time to practices and matches. It was no wonder his junior year he was recognized as an All-State Wrestler in Florida and went on to attribute a lot of his best memories and skills to what he learned as an athlete.

After a year in Orlando and some college courses under his belt, Logan moved home to be closer to family and soon began a career in the restaurant industry. After some time serving tables though, he realized that his passion didn’t lie within the food business, and took a month off to reflect and fish. It was at that time that Logan realized he was ready to step into a role with more growth potential and something that capitalized on his love for talking!

Starting first working with our client in Jacksonville, Logan met now CEO, Chris Fernandez, and the two instantly clicked. When Chris was asked to help DirecTv expand into Raleigh, Logan jumped at the opportunity to live in a new city and state! He was a part of the driving force that got Primetime Business Solutions off the ground and now just 2 1/2 years after starting with the client is preparing to help them expand into Knoxville, TN next month!

When asked what helped him in his promotion, Logan stated “I knew exactly what my goals were and I knew how to treat people with respect and care. I genuinely care about my team’s goals and wants and desires and I’ll do anything to help them get there.”

When he’s not at work inspiring our whole team, you can find Logan enjoying a few games of FIFA and 2K on his XBox! He enjoys being outdoors, especially on the water, and dreams of one day representing our client in the Florida Keys! His recommendation to anyone reading this blog is to be the hardest worker in the room, always be hungry to learn, and know that you’re daily habits are preparing you for either success or failure. Until then, kick butt in Knoxville, Logan, and keep making us proud here at Primetime Business Solutions!


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