Put Your Best Foot Forward: Primetime Business Solution’s Advice To Graduates!🎓

It’s college graduation time. That means those of us who have been around the block a time or two can’t resist sharing some advice with the young professionals who are preparing to start their careers. When I first began my job search years ago before starting Primetime Business Solutions, I was stunned to find out that what I liked to do and what people were willing to pay me to do contained very few options.

My advice to new graduates is to sculpt out space for the things that make you truly happy. If you like to craft, volunteer to teach a class for children at a local after school program. If you enjoy baking sweets, start a YouTube channel that displays your experiences with eating on a budget. By doing this, you will not only get the experience you need but may gain an opportunity to get paid for the stuff you like doing in the future. You never know who you will meet or what will come out of your volunteer work. The cold truth is, you may not fall right into your perfect position when you first graduate but I have noted three things that may help get you there:

Take the Internship
One thing that many young professionals can relate on, is that they all would like to be making the big bucks fresh out of graduation’s gates. Unfortunately, some organizations require more experience and maybe even an internship. If you are lucky, the internship could potentially be paid. If not, don’t let this alter your decision if you should take the opportunity. Always take the opportunity.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” –Neal Donald Walsh
By stepping outside of your comfort zone you may end up being part of a certain career path that you never dreamed for yourself; something better. As humans, we can all agree that we enjoy doing the things we are comfortable with. Being comfortable will not get you the promotion or the title you desire, but stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to gain experience in a new field. If anything, that is something you can add to your resume.

Stay in touch with your school friends, professors, and mentors.
Networking is one of the most important career skills you may ever learn, and social media has just made it that much easier. A year or more after you graduate, you may get your dream job from the guy you hung out with as an undergraduate.

One thing that I did learn in my 20’s is that everything falls into place and that one thing always leads to another. Don’t spend your time worrying about how all of these activities will add up in the long hall. Take the internship, volunteer, and most importantly step outside your comfort zone.

If you’re preparing for an interview with Primetime Business Solutions as a recent grad, you’ll be relieved to know that our company is filled with some of North Carolina’s finest graduates and our Management Training Program is designed for entry-level individuals! I wish you the best of luck throughout your interviews and encourage you to connect with our company on LinkedIn to catch even more interview tips & tricks!


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